Rank Zimbabwe - Your one stop Stationery Warehouse

Rank Zimbabwe has a selection of over 1,000 products designed to suit the needs of any customer. The company strives to provide the best selection and service for all its customers, which has resulted in it becoming the biggest stationery distributor in the country.

Rank is the leading stationery supplier in Zimbabwe, distributing directly to businesses as well as the leading chain stores such as OK’s, TM and Food World. Rank also distributes a wide range of paper and board products to the printing industry. In addition the plastic ware line (distributed through Speedline Marketing) supplies retailers and chain stores alike with a growing range of household products.

Rank also operates a manufacturing plant with 22 plastic injection moulding machines, a fully automated exercise book machine and other various paper and stationery machines.

With a 5,000 sqm warehouse under one roof the company is able to adequately service the full requirements of any business or consumer.

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